Why ‘Mouja’, you may ask? It means ‘wave’ in Moroccan dialect of Arabic – Darija. It pays homage to our happy place – the ocean – an endless source of energy for body and mind.

Our inspiration for the ponytail caps came following time spent surfing in Morocco struggling to keep our hair up, face covered from the sun and look cool. We decided to make our hairstyle the inspiration to redesign baseball caps to fit top knots, buns, high ponytails and protect us from the sun. The large opening at the back with cross tied lacing design redefines comfort and style in the headwear industry. Our versatile hats will let you enjoy more of what you love and seek adventure not worrying about harmful UV rays.

We perfected the design and materials since 2016 to bring you a patented design for a perfect fit at the beach, in the countryside or the city. Take our cap running, walking, exploring, playing sports and having fun in the sun in comfort, with a smile on your face (not a squint).